Friday, September 2, 2011

Musk - The Definition of Sampling


As always here is a free download, but im also selling it on bandcamp for the heads who appreciate.
26 tracks, all 80 minutes, well worth $12. Click on the link below to buy

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The concept behind this album is simply the fact that most modern producers take the easy road when producing in order to stack cash and gain notoriety. Rather than make hip hop, the music they make is far from it, if your hip hop then you probably write graffiti, dig in the crates, bboy or at least listen to some real hip hop from the 90s. All of the producers out there now that you hear on the radio or see on mtv, don't exhibit a single trait of someone who is hip hop. Sure everyone still calls it hip hop, and it is widely accepted that that is the new hip hop, but to me i haven't heard hip hop on the radio in a long while.

These modern producers make it look so easy, they shit out 30 beats a day and release an album a month. Nah, Hip Hop is not that easy. it takes hours just to find a sample to flip, hours in the sun and hours inhaling dust just to find a few samples. it takes hours so find your own sound, digging is the only way to have a signature style, if you dig some rare records that you know nobody has sampled than you have something that cant be replicated, whereas if your using virtual instruments or plugins, you are using the same sounds that any other asshole is using. And now most producers just download some vsts, or buy some sound libraries from a guitar center and go home and fill in drum patterns with a mouse on a program or get a midi keyboard and randomly mash key until they come up with something. they don't have any musical knowledge or education on how to play a keyboard. they just need to make as many beats as they can in the shortest amount of time, cause the sooner they finish their Hip Hop Job, the sooner they can shopping for clothes, go make a quick 100k for just showing up at some event or promoting their shit on the view or jay leno, that ain't hip hop. they are abusing hip hop. and most of the masses are happy with the hip hop we get now. its been so long since the golden age that people have given up on real hip hop ever being at the forefront of the scene. I know we are still out there and we are still making real hip hop, hip hop will never die, but none of us are surviving, none of us are acknowledged in the main stream, we have our little internet scene and underground heads know whats up, but its not the same.
Hip hop is not missed enough to come back yet, and there is nothing we can do about that. but fuck it. i will never settle for it, i will never support it, i will always make real hip hop, no matter what. if your agree with what im saying then support the producers you listen to, spread the word, share it or like it, whatever. cause it is rare nowadays to find some simple,sample based hip hop that makes your head nod up and down.

With that said, every sound you hear on this instrumental album is a sample (apart from one track that has some cromo bells that i played myself), Even the album art is sampled from real albums i have, i made this album just like they made hip hop in the 90s, i went digging every weekend, and recorded the tracks at home, hardly any mastering and eq to keep it grimy and am funding the release out of my pocket.