Thursday, September 30, 2010

German Garcia - El Sentimento, Con Orquesta Pablo Cano

 A Super Funky Lp I Picked Up In San Francisco Last Week. I Went To Haight Ashbury Looking To Find Some Psych Records, But Ended Up Finding The Same Kind Of Spanish Records I Find Locally. No Psych In Haight Ashbury, WTF. Its A Sign I Guess, To Stick To The Latin Music, Since Its Seems No One Else is Buying Them.  I Find Records Like This Even If I Go To The Swapmeet At 3 pm on Sunday. No Other Diggers Saw This Or What. Good Luck For Me, I Live For This Type Of Music.

This One Is Backed By Pablo Cano And His Orquesta. One Of The Funkiest Brass Based Orquestas I Know. Hard Bass, Tight Drums And Horns Galore.

Heres A Fucky Track To Listen Before You Download