Thursday, September 30, 2010

German Garcia - El Sentimento, Con Orquesta Pablo Cano

 A Super Funky Lp I Picked Up In San Francisco Last Week. I Went To Haight Ashbury Looking To Find Some Psych Records, But Ended Up Finding The Same Kind Of Spanish Records I Find Locally. No Psych In Haight Ashbury, WTF. Its A Sign I Guess, To Stick To The Latin Music, Since Its Seems No One Else is Buying Them.  I Find Records Like This Even If I Go To The Swapmeet At 3 pm on Sunday. No Other Diggers Saw This Or What. Good Luck For Me, I Live For This Type Of Music.

This One Is Backed By Pablo Cano And His Orquesta. One Of The Funkiest Brass Based Orquestas I Know. Hard Bass, Tight Drums And Horns Galore.

Heres A Fucky Track To Listen Before You Download



Anonymous said...

thanks dude i sampled a few of these songs


Anonymous said...

This singer passed away yesterday. and he sang till the end of his days.

cloneaby1956 said...

The Singer, German Garcia was my father. He passed away in January 2011, and was still actively singing, recording, and oil painting until an unfortunate fall took his life. In pre-castro's Cuba, he was at the top of the radio charts with songs like" Varadero", "Le quito el Corcho a la Botella, among others. He recorded with Maestro Fernando Mulens, Humberto Suarez, and had his own "Los Panchos" style guitar group named " Trio Los Titanes".
He left Cuba in 1962, and continued his music career sporadically until his passing. Enjoy his singing, he loved his art very much.

cloneaby1956 said...

This LP was recorded in Miami's world famous Criteria Studios in 1968 with a 30 piece swing band under Pablo Cano (He is a Guitarist), other notable musicians cooperated such as Willy Chirino on timbales. It was released under the Tone Latino label, I was just 12 years old when dad recorded it, but it brings fond memories of those times.

u.s.breaks said...

i have like 10 crates of spanish records check me out.