Friday, August 20, 2010

Requests - August 2010

Here Goes Some Requests From Youtube And Also New Links For The Stones Throw Samples Comp I Did.

39.4 - Self Titled

Super Dope Mexican Psych Lp. They Are Considered The Greatest Mexican Hard Psych Group Ever.
And I Was Contacted By The Group Awhile Back Through My Youtube Posts. The band Is Very Happy To see that the younger generation is interested in their music.  And couldn't be happier to receive all the views and comments on the youtube videos. they even have a youtube page and they still perform. they are now called Blues Punto Cuatro.  Check Out their page here

Heres The Download For Their Only Self Titled Lp


 9.30 Fly - Self Titled


 Musk's Well Worthy Stones Throw Samples

Here Goes New Links For 75+ Samples Used By Stones Throw.
This Was The First Compilation I Ever Made.

You Must Download All 3 Files and extract starting with part 1 to complete the album. 75+ songs takes up too much Memory for 1 link. The Link Below Directs to the download folder where all 3 files are available for download.



Leif said...

Just found your site, you're a music head's music head my friend. On the stones throw OG samples i have tried to extract them in order but i think the file name for the part 2 might be misnamed so its not allowing me to open it. Any help would be much appreciated. Glad i found your site.

Laurent - Clap Yo Handz said...

Is 39.4 an alcohol degree? Anyway it looks good, like everything you post there. thanx a lot,


Musk said...

It looks like everything is cool on my end. try renaming the rar or zip to match the other two and that should fix the problem. let me know if you still have problems.

Anonymous said...

Man thank you very much for this amazing music!!!This is a goldmine one of the top I've come across)! The purple side salutes you.