Monday, July 12, 2010

Roberto Darvin Y Su Onda - Self Titled

A Strange Album, Hard To Classify To A Genre. Its Got A Kind Of Acoustic Sound And Joke Vibe To It, Like They Had Fun Recording It And Theres Some Nonsense On Some Of The Tracks. Perhaps A Slice of The Counter Culture in South America. Though In Came Out On Caytronics, this is not mainstream music, definitely didnt see any radio play. The Stand Out Track Is Easily, Ayer Me Dijeron Negro. You Might Recognize It If You Heard Our Beat Tape, Musk - Erok - Tank Y Nuestros MPC's. Frank The Tank Sampled it, For The beat Demora Vagon Darvin.  Peep it


Wanderley - Cardoso - El Amor Vencera Otra Vez

The Super Dopeness, I Had Got A Lot Of Requests For This One On The Youtube Page. Look Up Any Other Wanderley Cardoso Album And Might Be Disappointed. This One Falls Right In Between The Time When Singers Were Making Corny Ass Love Songs Like Engelbert Humperdick and Johnny Mathis And Before Boleros Took A 80's Sound With Mad Dry Reverb On The Drums And Kind Of Disco Sound. No Year On The Covers But Im Guessing 75-77,  This One Is Funky As Fuck. Samples Galore Perhaps


Los Palmeras - Festival De Exitos Criollos

Another Album I Found On The Same Day As The Duelo Musical. This One From A Festival Of Criolle Songs, Which Is A Certain Type Of Song, Which I Find Is Normally Cheesy And Over The Top With Accordians Laming up The Tracks, But this One Is Funky In A Weird Way.


Chalo Campos Y Su Conjunto - Caminito De Luna

Some Boleros & Salsa from My Favorite Label For Boleros, Musimex. I Find Records On This Label Religiously, Like Every Weekend. A Benefit From Living In Anaheim, Mostly Populated By Latinos, And Thats Why I Live There.

Check Out The Tracks
Hoy Daria La Vida & Amanecer En La Playa


Enrique Linares - Condicion

Not Much To Say, Some Boleros & Salsa From Peerless Label, Check Out The Track
07 - Ya No Quiero Amor, Super Nice Long Intro To Sample.


Onda Panamericana y Los Ocho De Colombia - Duelo Musical En Alegre Carnaval - 1972 Salsa

 A Rare Little Gem From A Carnaval In Panama. A Duel Between The Two Bands Who Played The Same Event And Straight Battled Each Other. The Opening Track (01 - Alegre Carnaval) By La Onda Panamerica Is The Dopest Track. The Way He Describes The Scene and The Town before The Carnaval Starts And How The Streets Are Filling With Couples Just Waiting For The Orquesta To Play And Dance. The Lyrics Are So Well Written And Draw The Picture Of How It Was Back Then.  I Can Only Imagine Being There In 1972 And Going Nutty When The Carnaval Starts, And That Tracks Drops In, So Hard.
Plus The Tracks On The Record Are Not Live From The Carnaval, They Are The Studio Versions Of The Tracks.

Ps. I Think la Onda Panamerica Takes The Duel Easily.