Thursday, December 18, 2008

sven libaek & his orchestra - solar flares

Here Goes Some Spacy Jazz From Australian Arranger Sven Libaek. This Guys been Around. With More Than 30 Albums Credited To His Pen. Its Safe To Say He Is A Legend In The Jazz Scene. This Is By Far My Favorite Lp Of His. Some Other Lp's Of His Are More Well Known Due To Sampling, Like MF DOOM, Along With Many Others Have Sampled "Misty Canyon". But This One Has Remained Obscure, Thats How I Like Them.


Highlights - No Flowers On Venus - Destination Omega 3


1. Solar Flares

2. Stella Maris

3. Lift Off

4. Destination Omega 3

5. Conversations With Hal

6. No Flowers On Venus

7. Quasars

8. Meteoric Rain

9. Space Walk

10. Infinite Journey

11. In Nebular Orbit

12. ...And Beyond

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pookah - Pookah (us 1969)

Here Goes Some Trippy Psychedelic Music, From The Usa. One Track Has Been Sampled "Merlins Party", Cant Remember Who Though. Pretty Decent Album. The Lyrics Are Very Deep With Trippy Harmonizing. Then Again Some Songs Are Lighthearted. The Drums Are Very Funky. "Rain On Your Grave" Reminds Me Of The First Legend Of Zelda, Nes, Second Dungeon.

1. Blue And Peaceful
2. In A Field
3. Tomorrow's The Day
4. Things Don't Matter
5. Broken Dream
6. Kickin' A Can
7. Merlin's Party
8. Lady Ostrich
9. Ha! Ha! I Can Fly
10. The Heat
11. Rain On Your Grave

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Monday, December 1, 2008

6 Feet Under - In Retrospect 69-70

Very Great Psych From New Jersey. With Well Worthy Female Vocals And Funky Organ. Almost On A Galt Macdermot Tip.
Highlights - Black Movies - In Retrspect - Ciy Blues

Celia - Celia 1972

Nice Little Bossa Record From Continental Label, With Some Work From Arthur Verocai. It Has Verocai Arranging A Couple Tracks - Detalhes & Na Boca Do Sol, A Live Version Of The Track With The Same Name That Came Out On The Infamous 1972 ArthurVerocai Self Titled LP. Arthur Verocai Fans Will Definitely Not Want To Miss This One.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musk's Unsampled Gems - Psychedelic Vol. One

Here Goes The First Edition Of My Unsampled Psychedelic Tracks. Psych Is My Specialty And These Are Just The Beginning Of My Collection. Keep Posted For Many More Comps. These Are Mostly Obscurities From The Sixties. If Possible, All I Ask In Return Is To Hear Any Beats You Make With These. I Wanna Hear The Styles.

1. 6 Feet Underground - In Retrospect

2. 6 Feet Underground - Black Movies

3. 6 Feet Underground - City Blues

4. 9.30 Fly - Mr. 509

5. 9.30 Fly - Unhinged

6. 9.30 Fly - Brooklyn Thoughts

7. 9.30 Fly - Summerdays

8. Art Of Lovin - (How Can We) Hang On To A Dream

9. Art Of Lovin - What The Young Minds Say

10. Azitis - Hope to Save

11. Azitis - Time has Passed

12. Bob Mosley - So Many Troubles

13. Can - Kama Sutra

14. Can Ft. Margareta juvan - I'm Hiding My Nightingale

15. D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains

16. D.R. Hooker - Kamala

17. D.R. Hooker - This Thing

18. Darius - Peace & Love

19. Federal Duck - Peace In My Mind

20. Federal Duck - Tomorrow Waits For Today

21. Shades Of Joy - Andy's Dream

22. Splash - Jag Drömmer Om En Annan Värld

23. Splash - Smutsig Jord

24. Splash - Stormen

25. Splash - Vår Dröm

26. The Fox - As She Walks Away

27. The Fox - Birthday Card

28. Wishbone Ash - Leaf And Stream

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

People - ceremony~buddha meet rock

Super Rare psych From Japan. The Cover Says It All. I Later Noticed That Madlib Sampled It For The Madvillan Remixes. The Bass Stands Out On This Whole Album.

Highlights - Shomyo Pt. 1 - Shomyo Pt. 2 - Flower Strewing

1. Prologue
2. Shomyo, Pt. 1
3. Gatha
4. Flower Strewing
5. Shomyo, Pt. 2
6. Prayer, Pt. 1
7. Prayer, Pt. 2
8. Epilogue

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John Klemmer - Fresh Feathers - 1974

This One Has An Atmosphere Sample On It. Humbling Love - Atmosphere (God's Bathroom).
Klemmer Is One Of The Most Hip Hop Friendly Saxophonists, Its As If He knew People Would Want Clean Sax Sounds To Sample, With No Background Nonsense.

Highlights - Make It With You - Humbling Love - Gentle Morning Song

1. Fresh Feathers
2. Make It With You
3. Fat Alligator Snap
4. Humbling Love
5. Uhmm! It Feels So Good
6. Music For The People
7. Stinger
8. Gentle Morning Song
9. Wizards Revenge

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René Costy - Danger, Suspense Et Eprouvettes

A Lost Gem From French Composer Rene Costy, The Man Who Brought You The Sample For J Dilla's Fuck The Police. This Album Isn't Anything Like "Scrabble" Though , Very Spacy, Slow, bassy Music. Worth A Listen For Crate Diggers.

Highlights - Ostinato Bass - Like A Magic Dream

1. Expectancy
2. Danger
3. Alchimie
4. Ostinato Bass
5. Like A Magic Dream
6. Cosmogony
7. Onirisme
8. Schizophreny

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Splash - Ut Pa Vischan

Here Goes A Good One I Couldn't Put Down When I First Discovered It, Amazing Psych/Prog Band From Sweden. If Your All About The Horns Like I Am, This One Is Highly Recomended. Dope Horns On Every Track, Horns Seem to Be The Focus. Begging to Be Sampled
Highlights - Smutsig Jord - Vår Dröm - Stormen - Jag Drömmer Om En Annan Värld

1. Jag Minns Min Grona Dal
2. Jag Drömmer Om En Annan Värld
3. Stormen
4. Ut Pa Vischan
5. Frihet
6. Spelmannen Och Forskaren
7. Vår Dröm
8. Smutsig Jord

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Nico Fidenco - O.S.T. La Ragazzina (1974)

Nico Fidenco Is Like What Curtis Mayfield Is To Blaxploitation Flicks To Italian Sexploitation Flicks. A Well Respected Composer And Arranger For Many Years In Italy, He Even Made The Soundtracks For Many One x Porno Films, The Kind You See On HBO Late At Night Where They Dont Even Show Schlongs Or Bush. This One Has A Couple Of Unsampled Tracks On It. Be Prepared For Some Boring Music Cause Its From Movie, But Producers Will Find Samples Throughout This Album. Ive Also Included The Poster And Alternate Cover For This, Very Nice
Highlights - The Graft - Monica's Love - Sandra's Dream - Monica's Dance - Sandra In Love
1. La ragazzina
2. The Graft
3. Speed
4. Past
5. Monicas Love
6. Sandras Dream
7. Monicas Dance
8. Monicas Mirror
9. Sandra
10. Drawers
11. Monicas Beach
12. Motor Ship
13. Duello In 3-4
14. Sandra In Love
15. Monicas Flight

Archie Whitewater - Archie Whitewater

One Thats Not To Be Missed, One Of The All Time Slept On Obscure Lps. Doesn't Really Fall Into A Category, It's Like Melodic Hippie Type Stuff. It's Been Sampled by Common And A Few Others I Cant Remember, But There Is A Couple Ones That Weren't Sampled Yet On Here. I Can't Recommend This Enough. Get This Album.


Highlights - Sea Coast - Hulk - Cross Country


1. Dont Be Short

2. Northstar

3. Mist Of The Early Morning

4. Life Is A River

5. Friends And Neighbors

6. Country To The City

7. Home Again

8. Cross Country

9. Lament For The Walking Dead

10. Sea Coast

11. Hulk

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Selda Bagcan - Selda

Here Goes One Everyone Should Pick Up. The Well Worthiest Of All Turkish Psych Albums. Rediscovered For Many Since Oh No (Stones Throw) Sampled The Shit Out Of It. Also you Might hear It On Adult Swim During Commercial Spots. Don't Miss This One, After Selda Recorded This, She Would Never Release Anything up To Par, In Other Words Selda Wrote And Played What She Wanted On This Album, Talking About Politics, Corruption And Poverty In Her Country, And This Album Stirred Much Controversy In Turkey. The Turkish Gov't Censored And Badmouthed A Lot Of Musicians in Turkey, For Speaking The Truth. And Sounds Like This Werent Heard From Again in Turkey.

1. Meydan Sizindir
2. Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
3. Mehmet Emmi
4. Nasirli Eller
5. Ince Ince
6. Gine Haber Gelmis
7. Yaylalar
8. Dam Ustune Cul Serer
9. Dost Uyan
10. Gitme
11. Niye Cattin Kaslarini
12. Kizil Dere

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musk's Unsampled Gems - Latin American Vol. One

Here The First Edition Of My Unsampled Tracks For Producers. All These Tracks Are From Latino Artists. Moslty Boleros And Baladas, Some Latin Psicodelico. Some Of My Favorites Funky Jams From My Collection. Let Me Know What You Think. And If Possible, Definitley Send Me Any Beats You Make With Any Of These. Hit Me Up, I Want To Hear Who Can Flip Them The Dopest.

1. 39.4 - Mas Alto

2. 39.4 - Dejarte Libre

3. 39.4 - Perdedores, Ganadores

4. Ednita Nazario - Despertar De Amor

5. Estela Raval - Amar Amarte

6. La Clave - The Ghetto

7. La V Rebelion - Cerca De Ti

8. Las Grecas - Amor Mio

9. Las Grecas - Siempre Te Tendre

10. Lolita Flores - No Renunciare

11. Los Cristales - Buscare Tu Camino

12. Manolo Y Sus 4 Latinos - Amor Indio

13. Orquestra La Fantastica - Latin Blues

14. Raphael Martos - Amo

15. Raphael Martos - Desde Aquel Dia

16. Raphael Martos - Sera Mejor

17. Raphael Martos - Vuelve A Empezar

18. Santiago Montoya - Aqui Te Esperare

19. Sophy - Cancion Para Una Esposa Triste

20. Sophy - Cuentale A Ella

21. Sophy - Te Acordaras De Mi

22. Sophy - Usted ya Me Olvido


D.R. Hooker - The Truth 1972 (Re-Issue)

D.R. Hooker -The Truth (1972), Is One Of The Rarest U.S. Psychedelic Albums Of All Time. It Has Since Been Re-Issued With 6 Bonus Tracks (Included Here) . Very Deep Melodic Psych With Trippy Vocals


Plenty Of Sample Worthy Material Here For Producers


Highlights : Kamala - This Thing - Forge Your Own Chains


1. The Sea

2. Fall In Love

3. A Stranger's Smile

4. Weather girl

5. This Thing

6. Forge Your Own Chains

7. I'm Leaving you

8. The Truth

9. The Bible

10. Falling Asleep

11. Hello (Bonus)

12. This Moment (Bonus)

13. Free (Bonus)

14. Winter (Bonus)

15. A Tormented Heart (Bonus)

16. Kamala (Bonus)

Part One

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drums For Days - Drum Kit Compilation

Here Goes All My Drum Kits in One Compilation. Mostly Producers Kits Seperated And Well Organized . Very Few Drum Breaks Or Rolls, Almost All Are Allready Stabbed. Including Kits From Dilla, Muggs, Hi-Tek And Even Bob Marley Drums

Musk's Well Worthy Stones Throw Samples

Here Goes My First Compilation. 70+ Songs Spanning All Genres. A Testament To One Of The Most Creative And Innovative Record Labels Of Hip Hop's Golden Era. Which is Far Passed By The Way. By Indiscriminate Sampling Stones Throw Always Had A Fresh Change For Every Release, They Always Had A New Sound. Thats The Reason They Were So Successful And A Respected Label. You Never Knew What You Might Hear, It Also Opened Up New Genres Of Music To Many People Who Liked Hip Hop But Didn't Dig For Turkish Records Or Hippie Music. Myself Included, When I First Got Into Digging I Dug Breaks, Souls And Funk Only, Now I Have No Vices, Ive Heard Music From Almost Every Country I Can Imagine, And Am Always Looking For Something Different. Stones Throw Artists Were Always Ahead Of Other Producers. Some Of These Artists They Sampled Might Not Have Ever Been Heard Of Again If It Weren't For Sampling. Even If Any Cornhole With An MPC Had These Samples Handed To Them, They Would Not Be Able To Make Well Worthy Hip Hop Like Stones Throw Has For Many Years.The Skills Lie In The Hands Of The producers From Stones Throw, I Hope These Don't Take Away From Any Stones Throw Producers And I Mean No Disrespect By Listing Them. They Had To Dig Them On Vinyl First, And That Is Where The Credit Is Due, Hope You All Enjoy Them. This Is What Stones Throw Producers Listened To When They Had The Urge To Bash The Pads. This Compilation Features Samples Used By Artists Currently On Stones Throw label Or Were At One Time. Please Dont Point Out That KMD Wasn't Stones Throw Or Other Such Details.

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You Must Download All 3 Files and extract starting with part 1 to complete the album. 75+ songs takes up too much Memory for 1 link. The Link Below Directs to the download folder where all 3 files are available for download.