Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nico Fidenco - O.S.T. La Ragazzina (1974)

Nico Fidenco Is Like What Curtis Mayfield Is To Blaxploitation Flicks To Italian Sexploitation Flicks. A Well Respected Composer And Arranger For Many Years In Italy, He Even Made The Soundtracks For Many One x Porno Films, The Kind You See On HBO Late At Night Where They Dont Even Show Schlongs Or Bush. This One Has A Couple Of Unsampled Tracks On It. Be Prepared For Some Boring Music Cause Its From Movie, But Producers Will Find Samples Throughout This Album. Ive Also Included The Poster And Alternate Cover For This, Very Nice
Highlights - The Graft - Monica's Love - Sandra's Dream - Monica's Dance - Sandra In Love
1. La ragazzina
2. The Graft
3. Speed
4. Past
5. Monicas Love
6. Sandras Dream
7. Monicas Dance
8. Monicas Mirror
9. Sandra
10. Drawers
11. Monicas Beach
12. Motor Ship
13. Duello In 3-4
14. Sandra In Love
15. Monicas Flight

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