Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Archie Whitewater - Archie Whitewater

One Thats Not To Be Missed, One Of The All Time Slept On Obscure Lps. Doesn't Really Fall Into A Category, It's Like Melodic Hippie Type Stuff. It's Been Sampled by Common And A Few Others I Cant Remember, But There Is A Couple Ones That Weren't Sampled Yet On Here. I Can't Recommend This Enough. Get This Album.


Highlights - Sea Coast - Hulk - Cross Country


1. Dont Be Short

2. Northstar

3. Mist Of The Early Morning

4. Life Is A River

5. Friends And Neighbors

6. Country To The City

7. Home Again

8. Cross Country

9. Lament For The Walking Dead

10. Sea Coast

11. Hulk


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ROKWELL said...

Thanks for this one

mandustrian said...

many many thanx!! seems long since it's been gone from blogosphere, now I can re-store it to my partly-devastated [hdd problems] database of peculiar, rare, loved albums!

mandustrian also said...

p.s. funny this your post (unlike *unreleased tracks* one) isn't reflected on the google blog search, so it took me quite awhile to get to!

& thanx for that former one too!

taro nombei said...

thanks so much for this!