Saturday, November 15, 2008

Selda Bagcan - Selda

Here Goes One Everyone Should Pick Up. The Well Worthiest Of All Turkish Psych Albums. Rediscovered For Many Since Oh No (Stones Throw) Sampled The Shit Out Of It. Also you Might hear It On Adult Swim During Commercial Spots. Don't Miss This One, After Selda Recorded This, She Would Never Release Anything up To Par, In Other Words Selda Wrote And Played What She Wanted On This Album, Talking About Politics, Corruption And Poverty In Her Country, And This Album Stirred Much Controversy In Turkey. The Turkish Gov't Censored And Badmouthed A Lot Of Musicians in Turkey, For Speaking The Truth. And Sounds Like This Werent Heard From Again in Turkey.

1. Meydan Sizindir
2. Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
3. Mehmet Emmi
4. Nasirli Eller
5. Ince Ince
6. Gine Haber Gelmis
7. Yaylalar
8. Dam Ustune Cul Serer
9. Dost Uyan
10. Gitme
11. Niye Cattin Kaslarini
12. Kizil Dere

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freaknhell said...

Thanks so much! This is awesome stuff.

jakob said...

yes, really! amazing blog!

DJ Hannibal Beretta said...

She's like the female Baris Manco. Incredible solid album

Anonymous said...

Amazing ! Thanks a lot.
Great blog !

Roger Francis Clarke said...

I'm feeling your blog dude !

Radiant Heating Floor said...

Selda Bagcan good music prof...selda bagcan

afb said...


It appears that the link doesn't exist anymore. Will anyone please care to share this once again?

Many thanks!