Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beat Battle #3

Beat Battle #3 Sample by MuskMusic

Beat Battle #3
Flip this sample, upload your beat to youtube and send it to me in a youtube message.

my youtube page is http://www.youtube.com/Jugglerofmusic

Download a High Quality mp3 of the sample here.


i will post all beat submissions in the youtube Playlist below.


and will also be posting submissions here, since youtube blocked the audio from the video.

No more posting video responses, as that didn't work out to well last time.
i think it will be better to have a playlist of all the submissions, that we can all share on Facebook and other social networks to spread the word around about these beat battles.

­­                              RULES

- As long as you use this sample mainly, You can add any other samples you want .

- Keep your submissions short. 3 Minutes Maximum.

- The deadline to submit is December 27, 2010. No exceptions, last time around some people submitted late and complained about not having enough time. everybody has two weeks , fair is fair.


The deadline to submit is December 27, 2010.
then the voting period will begin.
same as last time around, you will choose your top three beat submissions and rank them 1st-3rd place. i will post the voting form when voting begins.
if you submit a beat, you must vote, but you cant vote for yourself. the winner will be determined on points

1st place - 5 pts
2nd place - 3pts
3rd place - 1 pt.

The winner will receive a spot to post any video promoting their music on my page and also a post on the blog for your music or album, whatever you want to promote your music.

Please post and share the beat battle with your friends on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.

last time around we had more submissions then voters. get your homies to come thru and vote and comment.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ S h r oo m s O n V i n y l 2 ~

Two Options To Download At Your Convenience

-=Mediafire Download=-

-=FileServe Download=- 

 Shrooms On Vinyl 2 Will Be Available On CD Shortly, As Soon As The Cd's Are Finished,
Info On Obtaining Them Will Be Posted.

The Second Installment (So Far) In The Shrooms On Vinyl Series.

A Tribute To The Psychedelic Era.
For The People Who Have ComeTo Appreciate The Drug Culture And What It Has Done For Us And For Music Especially.
On This Compilation I Have Sampled, Compiled And Mixed Together Hippie/Psychedelic Music That Was Probably Written And Recorded Under The Influence Of Psychedelic Drugs And Inspired By The Use Of Psychedelic Substances,
And Was Intended To Enhance Ones Experience On A Psychedelic Trip.

Take Some Drugs And Play This Music, It Will Go Good With Your Trip Guaranteed.

-= Head Phones And Head Change Recommended While Listening To This Compilation =-

01 - Ever Since I Heard It
02 - Floating In A Van Down By The River
03 - Psylocera - Prod. By Musk
04 - Things That Are More Beautiful Pt. 2
05 - Even Never
06 - Organic Mixture
07 - PalmHead
08 - The Day Today - Prod. By Musk
09 - Flying Through The Heavens
10 - SloozeBerry Interlude
11 - And Matheson
12 - Spliff Sound - Prod. By Frank The Tank
13 - Mushrooms On Monday - Prod. By Musk
14 - Head Shop Phonograph
15 - Smells Like Drugs
16 - Round And Asquare - Prod. By Frank The Tank
17 - I Have To Jump On Your Back
18 - Locked In Our Vices
19 - Slowly
20 - Swirls Into Silence
21 - Wooden Pipes
22 - Shady Tree Rehab Asylum
23 - The Point

Covers And Designs By Musk

All Tracks Compiled & Mixed By Musk - For More Info & More Music Go To

http://www.facebook.com - Musk

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choky Avellanet - Un Beso No Cambia La Vida

 Nice Surprise. Wasn't expecting to find any funky drums on this one. peep the short little break on un dia maria. and check out the track -  Don Jose De La Lluvia.  super funky stuff.

Sonia La Unica - Nuestro Amor

You Know The Deal, Not Much To Say. Peep it.


Maria Luisa Landin - Con La Voz Del Alma

Some More Jazzy Kind Of Boleros, Lots of Horns and Flutes on this lp.
good stuff.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i recently have been getting accused of being a downloader and not a real crate digger.
i need to clear up any confusion about this matter or i won't be able to sleep good.
i cant have fools putting me on blast about that type of stuff.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

German Garcia - El Sentimento, Con Orquesta Pablo Cano

 A Super Funky Lp I Picked Up In San Francisco Last Week. I Went To Haight Ashbury Looking To Find Some Psych Records, But Ended Up Finding The Same Kind Of Spanish Records I Find Locally. No Psych In Haight Ashbury, WTF. Its A Sign I Guess, To Stick To The Latin Music, Since Its Seems No One Else is Buying Them.  I Find Records Like This Even If I Go To The Swapmeet At 3 pm on Sunday. No Other Diggers Saw This Or What. Good Luck For Me, I Live For This Type Of Music.

This One Is Backed By Pablo Cano And His Orquesta. One Of The Funkiest Brass Based Orquestas I Know. Hard Bass, Tight Drums And Horns Galore.

Heres A Fucky Track To Listen Before You Download


Friday, August 20, 2010

Requests - August 2010

Here Goes Some Requests From Youtube And Also New Links For The Stones Throw Samples Comp I Did.

39.4 - Self Titled

Super Dope Mexican Psych Lp. They Are Considered The Greatest Mexican Hard Psych Group Ever.
And I Was Contacted By The Group Awhile Back Through My Youtube Posts. The band Is Very Happy To see that the younger generation is interested in their music.  And couldn't be happier to receive all the views and comments on the youtube videos. they even have a youtube page and they still perform. they are now called Blues Punto Cuatro.  Check Out their page here


Heres The Download For Their Only Self Titled Lp


 9.30 Fly - Self Titled


 Musk's Well Worthy Stones Throw Samples

Here Goes New Links For 75+ Samples Used By Stones Throw.
This Was The First Compilation I Ever Made.

You Must Download All 3 Files and extract starting with part 1 to complete the album. 75+ songs takes up too much Memory for 1 link. The Link Below Directs to the download folder where all 3 files are available for download.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Roberto Darvin Y Su Onda - Self Titled

A Strange Album, Hard To Classify To A Genre. Its Got A Kind Of Acoustic Sound And Joke Vibe To It, Like They Had Fun Recording It And Theres Some Nonsense On Some Of The Tracks. Perhaps A Slice of The Counter Culture in South America. Though In Came Out On Caytronics, this is not mainstream music, definitely didnt see any radio play. The Stand Out Track Is Easily, Ayer Me Dijeron Negro. You Might Recognize It If You Heard Our Beat Tape, Musk - Erok - Tank Y Nuestros MPC's. Frank The Tank Sampled it, For The beat Demora Vagon Darvin.  Peep it


Wanderley - Cardoso - El Amor Vencera Otra Vez

The Super Dopeness, I Had Got A Lot Of Requests For This One On The Youtube Page. Look Up Any Other Wanderley Cardoso Album And Might Be Disappointed. This One Falls Right In Between The Time When Singers Were Making Corny Ass Love Songs Like Engelbert Humperdick and Johnny Mathis And Before Boleros Took A 80's Sound With Mad Dry Reverb On The Drums And Kind Of Disco Sound. No Year On The Covers But Im Guessing 75-77,  This One Is Funky As Fuck. Samples Galore Perhaps


Los Palmeras - Festival De Exitos Criollos

Another Album I Found On The Same Day As The Duelo Musical. This One From A Festival Of Criolle Songs, Which Is A Certain Type Of Song, Which I Find Is Normally Cheesy And Over The Top With Accordians Laming up The Tracks, But this One Is Funky In A Weird Way.


Chalo Campos Y Su Conjunto - Caminito De Luna

Some Boleros & Salsa from My Favorite Label For Boleros, Musimex. I Find Records On This Label Religiously, Like Every Weekend. A Benefit From Living In Anaheim, Mostly Populated By Latinos, And Thats Why I Live There.

Check Out The Tracks
Hoy Daria La Vida & Amanecer En La Playa


Enrique Linares - Condicion

Not Much To Say, Some Boleros & Salsa From Peerless Label, Check Out The Track
07 - Ya No Quiero Amor, Super Nice Long Intro To Sample.


Onda Panamericana y Los Ocho De Colombia - Duelo Musical En Alegre Carnaval - 1972 Salsa

 A Rare Little Gem From A Carnaval In Panama. A Duel Between The Two Bands Who Played The Same Event And Straight Battled Each Other. The Opening Track (01 - Alegre Carnaval) By La Onda Panamerica Is The Dopest Track. The Way He Describes The Scene and The Town before The Carnaval Starts And How The Streets Are Filling With Couples Just Waiting For The Orquesta To Play And Dance. The Lyrics Are So Well Written And Draw The Picture Of How It Was Back Then.  I Can Only Imagine Being There In 1972 And Going Nutty When The Carnaval Starts, And That Tracks Drops In, So Hard.
Plus The Tracks On The Record Are Not Live From The Carnaval, They Are The Studio Versions Of The Tracks.

Ps. I Think la Onda Panamerica Takes The Duel Easily.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

~S h r oo m s O n V i n y l T w o~

Shrooms On Vinyl 2
Is Almost Done. It Will Dropping Soon Enough.
And Then You Can Drop Some Before You Listen To It.

For Now Download A Preview Track From It Here.

Shrooms On Vinyl Two (Preview).mp3

The First Shrooms On Vinyl Is Now Available To Download In One Link And The Bonus Tracks That Were Only On The Cd's Are Now Included. Heres The Link.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/mteyztiwgmj/~S h r oo m s On Vinyl~.zip

Monday, January 25, 2010

Orquesta Oldies - En Espanol Vol. 2

- - - E L D I S C O E S C U L T U R A - - -

...Compiled By Musk...

~ Orquesta Oldies: En Español Vol. 2 ~

A Collection Of Oldies From Latin Salsa Orquestas

Many If Not All Salsa Orquestas Were Heavily Influenced By American Soul Music, I.E. Motown, Stax. And These Bands Wanted To Write Their Own Soul And Oldies To Record, But At The Time Salsa Was Becoming Very Popular In America And Record Execs Were Out To Sign Salsa Acts. These Bands Were Signed As A Salsa Orquesta, Not Soul Or Oldies. Execs Wanted Salsa, Many Artists Wanted To Record Oldies Along With Salsa. So The Acts Were Only Allowed Limited Songs That Were Not Salsa, You Can PIck Up Almost Any Salsa Album And Find One Or Two Slow Love Songs. We Might Have Heard A Lot More Latin Oldies If It Weren't For Record Execs Wanting To Push What Was Hot At The Moment, Instead Of Artists Recording Everything They Wanted, They Were Allowed To Release A Few Soul Tracks Per Album. Soul Music Was Huge In America And Record Execs Already Had Plenty Of Soul Acts, Now They Wanted To Reach Latinos In America, They Wanted To Jump On The Salsa Bandwagon, They Pushed Their Artists To Record Salsa Not Oldies, Thus Hindering True Artistic Freedom Of The Artists.

In These Compilations I'll be Releasing, You Will Hear Those Tracks. Latin Orquestas Writing American Soul Type Of Music About Love, Women And Heartbreak. Many Could Sing In English And Spanish. Volume 2 Is Also All In Spanish. Enjoy.

Track List:

01 - The New Generation - Como El Agua Del Rio
02 - The New Swing Sextet - Ese Soy Yo
03 - Justo Betancourt - Cuando Menos Lo Piense
04 - Paul Ortiz y La Orquesta Son - Siempre Mia
05 - Orquesta La Libertad de Mexico - Falsa Palabras
06 - Joey Pastrana - Noche De Ronda
07 - Francis Santana - Dejame Besarte Otra Ves
08 - Louis Ramirez - Que Te Hace Pensar
09 - Raphie Leavitt - Lejos De Ti
10 - Orquesta Expose 1 - Flor De Arrabal
11 - Rubby Haddock - Que Lástima Me Da
12 - Joe Cuba - Confesion De Amor
13 - Joe Acosta - Regresa A Mi
14 - Conjunto Casino - Que Sera
15 - Chino Rodriguez Y La Consagracion - Moonlight Serenade
16 - Raphy Leavitt - Consentida
17 - Sammy Gonzalez y Los Torbellinos - No Te Vayas Juventud
18 - Pedro Conga - Toma Mi Corazon
19 - Orquesta Bronco - Nunca
20 - Joe Quijano Y Conjunto Cachana - Negrito
21 - Johnny Sedes - Te Vas
22 - Justo Betancourt - Mis Remembranzas
23 - Joe Cuba - Aunque Tu


- - - E L D I S C O E S C U L T U R A - - -

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bobby Boyd Congress - Self Titled 1971

A Funky French Delight, You Probably Never Heard Of. You'll Find Great Horns, Jazzy Bass Grooves And On Other Tracks You Will Find Soulful Stuff As Well. Highly Recommended


Bobby Bryant - The Jazz Excursion Into Hair

Master Trumpeter Bobby Bryant Brings The Funk On This One. A Jazz Excursion Into Hair, The Title Says All You Need To Know. Dope Bass, Horns And Flute Work On This Album. Very Nice Take On The Music From Hair