Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beat Battle #3

Beat Battle #3 Sample by MuskMusic

Beat Battle #3
Flip this sample, upload your beat to youtube and send it to me in a youtube message.

my youtube page is http://www.youtube.com/Jugglerofmusic

Download a High Quality mp3 of the sample here.


i will post all beat submissions in the youtube Playlist below.


and will also be posting submissions here, since youtube blocked the audio from the video.

No more posting video responses, as that didn't work out to well last time.
i think it will be better to have a playlist of all the submissions, that we can all share on Facebook and other social networks to spread the word around about these beat battles.

­­                              RULES

- As long as you use this sample mainly, You can add any other samples you want .

- Keep your submissions short. 3 Minutes Maximum.

- The deadline to submit is December 27, 2010. No exceptions, last time around some people submitted late and complained about not having enough time. everybody has two weeks , fair is fair.


The deadline to submit is December 27, 2010.
then the voting period will begin.
same as last time around, you will choose your top three beat submissions and rank them 1st-3rd place. i will post the voting form when voting begins.
if you submit a beat, you must vote, but you cant vote for yourself. the winner will be determined on points

1st place - 5 pts
2nd place - 3pts
3rd place - 1 pt.

The winner will receive a spot to post any video promoting their music on my page and also a post on the blog for your music or album, whatever you want to promote your music.

Please post and share the beat battle with your friends on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.

last time around we had more submissions then voters. get your homies to come thru and vote and comment.

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