Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ S h r oo m s O n V i n y l 2 ~

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 Shrooms On Vinyl 2 Will Be Available On CD Shortly, As Soon As The Cd's Are Finished,
Info On Obtaining Them Will Be Posted.

The Second Installment (So Far) In The Shrooms On Vinyl Series.

A Tribute To The Psychedelic Era.
For The People Who Have ComeTo Appreciate The Drug Culture And What It Has Done For Us And For Music Especially.
On This Compilation I Have Sampled, Compiled And Mixed Together Hippie/Psychedelic Music That Was Probably Written And Recorded Under The Influence Of Psychedelic Drugs And Inspired By The Use Of Psychedelic Substances,
And Was Intended To Enhance Ones Experience On A Psychedelic Trip.

Take Some Drugs And Play This Music, It Will Go Good With Your Trip Guaranteed.

-= Head Phones And Head Change Recommended While Listening To This Compilation =-

01 - Ever Since I Heard It
02 - Floating In A Van Down By The River
03 - Psylocera - Prod. By Musk
04 - Things That Are More Beautiful Pt. 2
05 - Even Never
06 - Organic Mixture
07 - PalmHead
08 - The Day Today - Prod. By Musk
09 - Flying Through The Heavens
10 - SloozeBerry Interlude
11 - And Matheson
12 - Spliff Sound - Prod. By Frank The Tank
13 - Mushrooms On Monday - Prod. By Musk
14 - Head Shop Phonograph
15 - Smells Like Drugs
16 - Round And Asquare - Prod. By Frank The Tank
17 - I Have To Jump On Your Back
18 - Locked In Our Vices
19 - Slowly
20 - Swirls Into Silence
21 - Wooden Pipes
22 - Shady Tree Rehab Asylum
23 - The Point

Covers And Designs By Musk

All Tracks Compiled & Mixed By Musk - For More Info & More Music Go To - Musk


Shady said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Compilation. Best flow I encouterd for a long time. Merci.
Why did you not label the artists of the songs? The names would be very uselful to so some research on the shit!
Keep up this great work.