Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~Orquesta Oldies: En Español~

- - - E L D I S C O E S C U L T U R A - - -

...Compiled By Musk...

~Orquesta Oldies: En Español~

A Collection Of Oldies From Latin Salsa Orquestas

Many If Not All Salsa Orquestas Were Heavily Influenced By American Soul Music, I.E. Motown, Stax. And These Bands Wanted To Write Their Own Soul And Oldies To Record, But At The Time Salsa Was Becoming Very Popular In America And Record Execs Were Out To Sign Salsa Acts. These Bands Were Signed As A Salsa Orquesta, Not Soul Or Oldies. Execs Wanted Salsa, Many Artists Wanted To Record Oldies Along With Salsa. So The Acts Were Only Allowed Limited Songs That Were Not Salsa, You Can PIck Up Almost Any Salsa Album And Find One Or Two Slow Love Songs. We Might Have Heard A Lot More Latin Oldies If It Weren't For Record Execs Wanting To Push What Was Hot At The Moment, Instead Of Artists Recording Everything They Wanted, They Were Allowed To Release A Few Soul Tracks Per Album. Soul Music Was Huge In America And Record Execs Already Had Plenty Of Soul Acts, Now They Wanted To Reach Latinos In America, They Wanted To Jump On The Salsa Bandwagon, They Pushed Their Artists To Record Salsa Not Oldies, Thus Hindering True Artistic Freedom Of The Artists.

In These Compilations I'll be Releasing, You Will Hear Those Tracks. Latin Orquestas Writing American Soul Type Of Music About Love, Women And Heartbreak. Many Could Sing In English And Spanish. Volume 1 Is All In Spanish. Enjoy.

Track List:

01 - Joe Cuba - Triste
02 - Sociedad 76 - Como Te Amo
03 - Ralfi Pagan - Abrame La Puerta
04 - Joey Aponte - Tu Seras Mia
05 - Joe Cuba - El Raton
06 - Orquesta Capri - Tapame Contigo
07 - Ray Barretto - Alma Con Alma
08 - Luis Sanchez - Me Equivoque Contigo
09 - Orquesta La Grande - De Ti Enamorado
10 - Joe Cuba - Si Te Dicen
11 - Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez - Fiesta En El Cielo
12 - Monguito Santmaria - Sueno Contigo
13 - Tipica 73 - Olvida El Pasado
14 - Jimmy Urbina - No Cambiaras
15 - Little Joe & The Latinaires - No Te Preocupes Por Mi
16 - La Gran Orquesta - No
17 - Coke - Nuestro Amor
18 - Orquesta Internacional - Diadema De Abrojos
19 - Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez - Amor Perdido
20 - Fausto Rey - Lo Imposible


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Musk - Erok - Tank y Nuestros MPC's

Latin Music Is My Heart, I Love All Music Genres Except Country And Modern Music. But I'm Mexican First And Boleros And Salsa Are Most Important To Me. Most Of My Beats Are Sampled From Spanish Songs And I Have So Many Latin Samples, As Do Erok And Tank. This Is Our First Official Beat Tape. All Samples Used Are Latin, If You Like Dj Muggs Or Psycho Realm, You Will Probably Like This Beat Tape. Peep It.

1 - Rhythm Ruiz (Intro) 1:18 ~
2 - Que Bonito 4:22 x
3 - Ariel Akai 3:14 ~
4 - Demora Vagon Bossa 3:01 †
5 - Lymon Does Lines 3:36 ~
6 - Perdido 3:22 *
7 - CornWallace (Interludio) 0:45 ~
8 - Scum 3:45 x
9 - Demora Vagon Joe 3:51 †
10 - Suchimilpis Swirli 3:45 ~
11 - Distincta 3:23 *
12 - Toda Mi Vida 3:19 ~
13 - Nunca Nunca 1:53 x
14 - Demora Vagon Darvin 2:57 †
15 - Naco Notas 2:31 ~
16 - No Te Preocupes 3:20 *
17 - Panfilo Stylo 3:18 ~
18 - Una Patada Nada Mas 3:29 †
19 - Envy 3:23 x
20 - Macario Midi 2:52 ~
21 - Demora Vagon Africa 3:21 †
22 - AshHolio 4:47 x
23 - El Tiempo Paso 2:41 *
24 - No Sirve El Botoncito 2:24 †
25 - Pura Musica 2:24 ~
26 - Benni Mancuso (Outro) 0:55 ~

† Produced By Frank The Tank

x Produced By Erok

~ Produced By Musk

* Produced By Careless


My Name Is Musk, Im A Crate Digger, Vinyl Collector, Music Compiler
And Hip Hop Producer. I've Been Producing For Just Over A Year And A Half. But I've Been Crate Digging For Close To Five Years Now And Have Always Been Deeply Involved In Music. Now A Days I Don't Really Care About Anything Other Than Music. I Make Old School Sample Based Hip Hop. Its Important To Me That Hip Hop Is Done The Real Way, I Cant Stand Modern Day So Called Hip Hop. I Cant Stand How High School Kids Are Controlling The Hip Hop Market Today. Real Hip Hop Is Still Out There And Always Will Be. I Only Make Real Shit, I Use Drum Machines And Vinyl To Make Beats. I Work With Two Other Producers I've Known Since High School (Erok & Frank The Tank).
Who All Share The Same Ideals & Need For Real Hip Hop Only and Have Never Strayed Away From That To Try And Get Recognition Or Make Money Off Our Hip Hop. We Have Only Two Projects Out So Far. They Are Available For Free Download. Please Check Them Out And If You Like Them Please Consider Buying Our Next One Or Donating To The Blog, We Take Donations For Those Who Want Our Projects On Cd, Because They Don't Know How To Download Or Are Computer Illiterate And Ain't With The Technology And Just Want A Simple Cd Or Whatever. But All Our Shit Will Be Available To Download For Free

If You Like The Beat Tape Please Consider Donating $5 Dollars To Our Blog, Those Who Support Will Receive Nuestros MPC's On Cd In A Vintage Vinyl Cd Case. Please Include Shipping Address Where You Want The Cd Shipped.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Archie Whitewater - Unreleased Material From Cadet Concept


Musk Is Proud To Bring You This Super Rare Material, Dont Delay On This One.
It Is Well Worth The Time.

Archie Whitewater - Unreleased Material From Cadet Concept

01 - Lighthouse Track
02 - Please Think It Over
03 - The Day You Leave
04 - The Day You Leave (Instrumental Take 1)
05 - The Day You Leave (Instrumental Take 2)
06 - Your The One
07 - Your The One (Exteneded Version)
08 - Instrumental Track 1
09 - Coming As I Come From Where Ive Been
10 - Interlude
11 - Get Back Home
12 - Get My Soul Together
13 - Instrumental Track 2

...All Information Is Speculation At This Point...
...Any More Info Would Be Appreciated...

An Anonymous Follower Of My Blog And Youtube Page Sent Me These Tracks
Claiming It Was Archie Whitewater Material That Was Never Released. He Did Not Give Much Information About The Tracks, But He Did Give Me This Info About It.

Apparently Recorded Shortly After The Self Titled Lp Was Released On Cadet Concept In 1970. This Was Never Released Due To Numerous Complications With Chess Records And All Its Sister Labels, Which Includes Cadet Concept. The Tracks Were Forgotten And Never Released. The Album Probably Wasn't Quite Finished. Also Some Tracks Were Meant To Be Used As Radio Station Spots And Promos, The Tracks Are Instrumental , Calmer Shorter Versions Of The Full Tracks. The Track Names Are Speculation And Not Confirmed.

More Info is Needed About This Material.
Any Questions, Comments, Corrections And Other Knowledge About The Tracks
Can Be Sent To

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I Reuploaded All Links To Media Fire, Some Old Links Are Still Good Too.

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Juggler Of Music's Shared Collection

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sophy - Leyenda Viviente Con Tito Puente

A Great Sophy Album Produced By Tito Puente


Sophy - En Concierto Con Orquestra Pedro Rivera Toledo

Here Goes A Live Album From Sophy, The Track De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero IS Worth The Download, You Might Recognize It Cause A Different Version Was Sampled BY Jedi Minds, I Like This Version Better Though.


Friday, June 26, 2009

~ S h r oo m s O n V i n y l ~

Compiled & Mixed By Musk
Sounds From Drug Induced Sessions, Brought To You By Musk.

A Tribute To The Psychedelic Era. For The People Who Have Come
To Appreciate The Drug Culture And What It Has Done For Us And For Music Especially. On This Comp
I've Sampled, Compiled And Mixed Together Hippie/Psychedelic Music That Was Probably Written And Recorded Under The Influence Of Psychedelic Drugs And Inspired By The Use Of Psychedelic Substances,
And Was Intended To Enhance Ones Experience On A Psychedelic Trip.
Take Some Drugs And Play This Comp, It Will Go Good With Your Trip Guaranteed.
01 - Made In Mexico
02 - No Tomas El Agua Blanco
03 - Budlovski
04 - It Wasn't The Same The 100th Time
05 - Missing Daylight* - Produced By Erok
06 - Qualude Interlude
07 - Sad Society
08 - WaterMelonCholie
09 - DeciBelaDonna
10 - Cranley Gardens Record Shoppe
11 - Things That Are More Beautiful* - Produced By Erok
12 - Methamphetamine Trampoline
13 - Aspiring Addict
14 - 600 MilliGrams Of Volume" - Produced By Frank The Tank
15 - Delayed Doobies
16 - Slanging On The Corner
17 - CopyRighted Chemicals" - Produced By Frank The Tank
18 - Cold White Hands
19 - Imprinted On Pills* - Produced By Erok
20 - Two Crates
21 - Way Above The Clouds
22 - Done


Bonus Tracks Now Included In Free Download ---

*Produced By Erok - -

"Produced By Frank The Tank -

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eulises - ACME (The Highest Point)

Here Goes A Mixtape From The Homie Eulises, If You Miss The Boom Bap Era, You Need To Check This Producer Out. Peep It

Download -

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manolo Munoz - Llamarada - 1976 Bolero

My Favorite Lp That I Didn't Have To Put In Work To Find. My Grandma Hooked It Up, Thinking I Wouldn't Like It. Of All The Versions Of "En Un Rincon Del Alma" This One Is Sung The Best In My Opinion. Great Stuff From Gas Label, based In Los Angeles In The 70's

HIGHLIGHTS - Buscame - Poquito Fe - Tenia Que Ser Asi


(Re-Up) Air - Air (Self Titled) 1971 Prog Jazz

- H i g h l y R e c o m m e n d e d -

I Had To Rerip This At 320 Cause I Just Got New Deck And Mixer. No Skips And No Mouse Clicks. Forgot To Mute The System Sounds Last Time Around. I Heard That Googie Coppolla Passed Away Recently, Don't Know If It Is True Or Not, But Fucking eh. REST IN PEACE

This Is The Most Important LP I Own And If You Missed It The First Time, Get It Now. Its Worth It.

---New Link---

Highlights - Mr. Man - Sister Bessie - Man Is Free - Martin

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rosita Peru - El Rio Y Las Rosas

Rosita Peru - El Rio Y Las Rosas

Here Goes The Sample For Jedi Mind Tricks - Retaliation. Dont Know Much About This Other Than She Released Albums On The Label Ua Latino (United Artists).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Armando Manzanero

Armando Manzanero - Que Bonito Viven Los Enamorados (1972)

Armando Manzanero - Somos Novios...Siempre Novios (1969)

Armando Manzanero - Y...Siempre Aqui (1971)

Marco Antonio Muniz - El Mejor De Siempre...Nadita De Nada

Luis Carlos - Mi Corazon Esta Llorando

Nacho Rosales - Orquestra Del Recuerdo De Nacho Rosales

One Side Is Arranged by Chico Novarres And The Other By Joan Manuel Serrat. One Problem Is There Is Only Two Long Tracks. But Check Them Cause They Have SAmples Throughout. Dont Sleep

Roberto Jordan - Roberto Jordan (1972)

Roberto Jordan - Roberto Jordan (1972)