Saturday, October 31, 2009

Musk - Erok - Tank y Nuestros MPC's

Latin Music Is My Heart, I Love All Music Genres Except Country And Modern Music. But I'm Mexican First And Boleros And Salsa Are Most Important To Me. Most Of My Beats Are Sampled From Spanish Songs And I Have So Many Latin Samples, As Do Erok And Tank. This Is Our First Official Beat Tape. All Samples Used Are Latin, If You Like Dj Muggs Or Psycho Realm, You Will Probably Like This Beat Tape. Peep It.

1 - Rhythm Ruiz (Intro) 1:18 ~
2 - Que Bonito 4:22 x
3 - Ariel Akai 3:14 ~
4 - Demora Vagon Bossa 3:01 †
5 - Lymon Does Lines 3:36 ~
6 - Perdido 3:22 *
7 - CornWallace (Interludio) 0:45 ~
8 - Scum 3:45 x
9 - Demora Vagon Joe 3:51 †
10 - Suchimilpis Swirli 3:45 ~
11 - Distincta 3:23 *
12 - Toda Mi Vida 3:19 ~
13 - Nunca Nunca 1:53 x
14 - Demora Vagon Darvin 2:57 †
15 - Naco Notas 2:31 ~
16 - No Te Preocupes 3:20 *
17 - Panfilo Stylo 3:18 ~
18 - Una Patada Nada Mas 3:29 †
19 - Envy 3:23 x
20 - Macario Midi 2:52 ~
21 - Demora Vagon Africa 3:21 †
22 - AshHolio 4:47 x
23 - El Tiempo Paso 2:41 *
24 - No Sirve El Botoncito 2:24 †
25 - Pura Musica 2:24 ~
26 - Benni Mancuso (Outro) 0:55 ~

† Produced By Frank The Tank

x Produced By Erok

~ Produced By Musk

* Produced By Careless


My Name Is Musk, Im A Crate Digger, Vinyl Collector, Music Compiler
And Hip Hop Producer. I've Been Producing For Just Over A Year And A Half. But I've Been Crate Digging For Close To Five Years Now And Have Always Been Deeply Involved In Music. Now A Days I Don't Really Care About Anything Other Than Music. I Make Old School Sample Based Hip Hop. Its Important To Me That Hip Hop Is Done The Real Way, I Cant Stand Modern Day So Called Hip Hop. I Cant Stand How High School Kids Are Controlling The Hip Hop Market Today. Real Hip Hop Is Still Out There And Always Will Be. I Only Make Real Shit, I Use Drum Machines And Vinyl To Make Beats. I Work With Two Other Producers I've Known Since High School (Erok & Frank The Tank).
Who All Share The Same Ideals & Need For Real Hip Hop Only and Have Never Strayed Away From That To Try And Get Recognition Or Make Money Off Our Hip Hop. We Have Only Two Projects Out So Far. They Are Available For Free Download. Please Check Them Out And If You Like Them Please Consider Buying Our Next One Or Donating To The Blog, We Take Donations For Those Who Want Our Projects On Cd, Because They Don't Know How To Download Or Are Computer Illiterate And Ain't With The Technology And Just Want A Simple Cd Or Whatever. But All Our Shit Will Be Available To Download For Free

If You Like The Beat Tape Please Consider Donating $5 Dollars To Our Blog, Those Who Support Will Receive Nuestros MPC's On Cd In A Vintage Vinyl Cd Case. Please Include Shipping Address Where You Want The Cd Shipped.

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Sara said...

Hello, I´'m a girl from sweden who have been listening to your some of your videos on youtube, and i have fallen in love with pearls before swine, so i was woundering if you might be able to put up some more of their song? Particulary the slow once:) I would be so great full, thank you for putting it up there in the first place:D <3

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Really great work! With this beats you inspired me a lot doing more sampling and diggin! Never Stop doing this. This is a revelation during the frustrating time of wack hip hop music. Im very happy that i found this blog!!!

much props from germany

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