Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~Orquesta Oldies: En Español~

- - - E L D I S C O E S C U L T U R A - - -

...Compiled By Musk...

~Orquesta Oldies: En Español~

A Collection Of Oldies From Latin Salsa Orquestas

Many If Not All Salsa Orquestas Were Heavily Influenced By American Soul Music, I.E. Motown, Stax. And These Bands Wanted To Write Their Own Soul And Oldies To Record, But At The Time Salsa Was Becoming Very Popular In America And Record Execs Were Out To Sign Salsa Acts. These Bands Were Signed As A Salsa Orquesta, Not Soul Or Oldies. Execs Wanted Salsa, Many Artists Wanted To Record Oldies Along With Salsa. So The Acts Were Only Allowed Limited Songs That Were Not Salsa, You Can PIck Up Almost Any Salsa Album And Find One Or Two Slow Love Songs. We Might Have Heard A Lot More Latin Oldies If It Weren't For Record Execs Wanting To Push What Was Hot At The Moment, Instead Of Artists Recording Everything They Wanted, They Were Allowed To Release A Few Soul Tracks Per Album. Soul Music Was Huge In America And Record Execs Already Had Plenty Of Soul Acts, Now They Wanted To Reach Latinos In America, They Wanted To Jump On The Salsa Bandwagon, They Pushed Their Artists To Record Salsa Not Oldies, Thus Hindering True Artistic Freedom Of The Artists.

In These Compilations I'll be Releasing, You Will Hear Those Tracks. Latin Orquestas Writing American Soul Type Of Music About Love, Women And Heartbreak. Many Could Sing In English And Spanish. Volume 1 Is All In Spanish. Enjoy.

Track List:

01 - Joe Cuba - Triste
02 - Sociedad 76 - Como Te Amo
03 - Ralfi Pagan - Abrame La Puerta
04 - Joey Aponte - Tu Seras Mia
05 - Joe Cuba - El Raton
06 - Orquesta Capri - Tapame Contigo
07 - Ray Barretto - Alma Con Alma
08 - Luis Sanchez - Me Equivoque Contigo
09 - Orquesta La Grande - De Ti Enamorado
10 - Joe Cuba - Si Te Dicen
11 - Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez - Fiesta En El Cielo
12 - Monguito Santmaria - Sueno Contigo
13 - Tipica 73 - Olvida El Pasado
14 - Jimmy Urbina - No Cambiaras
15 - Little Joe & The Latinaires - No Te Preocupes Por Mi
16 - La Gran Orquesta - No
17 - Coke - Nuestro Amor
18 - Orquesta Internacional - Diadema De Abrojos
19 - Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez - Amor Perdido
20 - Fausto Rey - Lo Imposible



Anonymous said...

I don't get why you use so many capitals when writing???

One said...

Anonymous dont have to get it. He's providing you with good music. Damn always some biatch gotta wine.

On an other note: Psy. Props.

Tears_PSP said...

Any idea how I can get the song "La Gran Orquesta - No" in FLAC or WAV format?

Sildenafil said...

Excellent thanks a lot for share, i have hear good references from some spanish friends in california, thanks