Friday, June 26, 2009

~ S h r oo m s O n V i n y l ~

Compiled & Mixed By Musk
Sounds From Drug Induced Sessions, Brought To You By Musk.

A Tribute To The Psychedelic Era. For The People Who Have Come
To Appreciate The Drug Culture And What It Has Done For Us And For Music Especially. On This Comp
I've Sampled, Compiled And Mixed Together Hippie/Psychedelic Music That Was Probably Written And Recorded Under The Influence Of Psychedelic Drugs And Inspired By The Use Of Psychedelic Substances,
And Was Intended To Enhance Ones Experience On A Psychedelic Trip.
Take Some Drugs And Play This Comp, It Will Go Good With Your Trip Guaranteed.
01 - Made In Mexico
02 - No Tomas El Agua Blanco
03 - Budlovski
04 - It Wasn't The Same The 100th Time
05 - Missing Daylight* - Produced By Erok
06 - Qualude Interlude
07 - Sad Society
08 - WaterMelonCholie
09 - DeciBelaDonna
10 - Cranley Gardens Record Shoppe
11 - Things That Are More Beautiful* - Produced By Erok
12 - Methamphetamine Trampoline
13 - Aspiring Addict
14 - 600 MilliGrams Of Volume" - Produced By Frank The Tank
15 - Delayed Doobies
16 - Slanging On The Corner
17 - CopyRighted Chemicals" - Produced By Frank The Tank
18 - Cold White Hands
19 - Imprinted On Pills* - Produced By Erok
20 - Two Crates
21 - Way Above The Clouds
22 - Done


Bonus Tracks Now Included In Free Download ---

*Produced By Erok - -

"Produced By Frank The Tank -


Marvin said...

Thanks for posting this, I really appreciate it! Keep it up, been following you for a while on YT already, peace

Anonymous said...

dope stuff. Respect

dj hannibal bereta

Leon said...

Thanks man.I'll be playing this when I pop my magic mushroom cherry.

Anonymous said...

amazing mix,just love your taste in music.thnx so much for this.take care

Anonymous said...

Hello ! Very nice music ! Could somebody please tell me who´s the artist behind the dope sad society song ? Thanks a lot...

Anonymous said...

nice music guys. you guys should make some tabs for the song watermeloncholie i love the piano and the guitar. made me infuse with the music. thumbs up

Musk said...

Just to be clear, This is a compilation of music from 60s & 70s Bands. We did not compose any of these songs, other than the Hip Hop Beats. Musk has simply put this together from music in his collection. it stimeys me that some people think this was composed and performed in modern day life. no mames

Sildenafil said...

I hate Shrooms but I love this disc so much!! it pumped me so high!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I'm a big fan of your channel & blog, please dude, tell me the name of ''decibeladonna'' i'm searching for it for like 6 months but nothing!!! Thank you so much for the comps!!! Amazing stuff man!!!

Anonymous said...

Link down :(