Monday, July 12, 2010

Onda Panamericana y Los Ocho De Colombia - Duelo Musical En Alegre Carnaval - 1972 Salsa

 A Rare Little Gem From A Carnaval In Panama. A Duel Between The Two Bands Who Played The Same Event And Straight Battled Each Other. The Opening Track (01 - Alegre Carnaval) By La Onda Panamerica Is The Dopest Track. The Way He Describes The Scene and The Town before The Carnaval Starts And How The Streets Are Filling With Couples Just Waiting For The Orquesta To Play And Dance. The Lyrics Are So Well Written And Draw The Picture Of How It Was Back Then.  I Can Only Imagine Being There In 1972 And Going Nutty When The Carnaval Starts, And That Tracks Drops In, So Hard.
Plus The Tracks On The Record Are Not Live From The Carnaval, They Are The Studio Versions Of The Tracks.

Ps. I Think la Onda Panamerica Takes The Duel Easily.



Russ said...

Just downloaded this - highly recommended! Made me forget about the rain here in England for the rest of the day!

Noah said...

Great album, thank you!

But "Cielo" contains outside sounds starting of 0'17'', 1'21''.
(I think, a soundtrack.)
Can you reupload this track?