Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musk's Unsampled Gems - Psychedelic Vol. One

Here Goes The First Edition Of My Unsampled Psychedelic Tracks. Psych Is My Specialty And These Are Just The Beginning Of My Collection. Keep Posted For Many More Comps. These Are Mostly Obscurities From The Sixties. If Possible, All I Ask In Return Is To Hear Any Beats You Make With These. I Wanna Hear The Styles.

1. 6 Feet Underground - In Retrospect

2. 6 Feet Underground - Black Movies

3. 6 Feet Underground - City Blues

4. 9.30 Fly - Mr. 509

5. 9.30 Fly - Unhinged

6. 9.30 Fly - Brooklyn Thoughts

7. 9.30 Fly - Summerdays

8. Art Of Lovin - (How Can We) Hang On To A Dream

9. Art Of Lovin - What The Young Minds Say

10. Azitis - Hope to Save

11. Azitis - Time has Passed

12. Bob Mosley - So Many Troubles

13. Can - Kama Sutra

14. Can Ft. Margareta juvan - I'm Hiding My Nightingale

15. D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains

16. D.R. Hooker - Kamala

17. D.R. Hooker - This Thing

18. Darius - Peace & Love

19. Federal Duck - Peace In My Mind

20. Federal Duck - Tomorrow Waits For Today

21. Shades Of Joy - Andy's Dream

22. Splash - Jag Drömmer Om En Annan Värld

23. Splash - Smutsig Jord

24. Splash - Stormen

25. Splash - Vår Dröm

26. The Fox - As She Walks Away

27. The Fox - Birthday Card

28. Wishbone Ash - Leaf And Stream

Part One...
http://sharebee.com/9ae535ef New Link

Part Two...
http://sharebee.com/a76d6e77 New Link


Anonymous said...

i sampled a fox song in a track, um i'll hafta find the record cuz i cant remember which track i took a piece of.. but i aint famous.


its the track called ruff draft at the moment.

Musk said...

Fuck Yeah, Nice Beat.

Thanks For The Link.

Anonymous said...

hey man nice blog, do you have any rapidshare links or media fire for these, for some reason sharebee installs alot of bad stuff on my computer....word

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Mr Floydsack said...

thanks for all the great posts!

any chance for a reup (the second part is dead)?

cheers from france!