Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Musk's Well Worthy Stones Throw Samples

Here Goes My First Compilation. 70+ Songs Spanning All Genres. A Testament To One Of The Most Creative And Innovative Record Labels Of Hip Hop's Golden Era. Which is Far Passed By The Way. By Indiscriminate Sampling Stones Throw Always Had A Fresh Change For Every Release, They Always Had A New Sound. Thats The Reason They Were So Successful And A Respected Label. You Never Knew What You Might Hear, It Also Opened Up New Genres Of Music To Many People Who Liked Hip Hop But Didn't Dig For Turkish Records Or Hippie Music. Myself Included, When I First Got Into Digging I Dug Breaks, Souls And Funk Only, Now I Have No Vices, Ive Heard Music From Almost Every Country I Can Imagine, And Am Always Looking For Something Different. Stones Throw Artists Were Always Ahead Of Other Producers. Some Of These Artists They Sampled Might Not Have Ever Been Heard Of Again If It Weren't For Sampling. Even If Any Cornhole With An MPC Had These Samples Handed To Them, They Would Not Be Able To Make Well Worthy Hip Hop Like Stones Throw Has For Many Years.The Skills Lie In The Hands Of The producers From Stones Throw, I Hope These Don't Take Away From Any Stones Throw Producers And I Mean No Disrespect By Listing Them. They Had To Dig Them On Vinyl First, And That Is Where The Credit Is Due, Hope You All Enjoy Them. This Is What Stones Throw Producers Listened To When They Had The Urge To Bash The Pads. This Compilation Features Samples Used By Artists Currently On Stones Throw label Or Were At One Time. Please Dont Point Out That KMD Wasn't Stones Throw Or Other Such Details.

New Links

You Must Download All 3 Files and extract starting with part 1 to complete the album. 75+ songs takes up too much Memory for 1 link. The Link Below Directs to the download folder where all 3 files are available for download.



Anonymous said...

huge respects and thanks, love your blog, keep it up!!!

DJ Hannibal Beretta said...

Big Up for this.

Laurent said...

Nice to find this, even if I'm late... Good job, thanx a lot


Anonymous said...

part one? the link has expired and you cant listen to the others unless you download pt 1 UPLOAD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Musk said...

I Cant Find The Old Zip Files to upload again, but i have reuploaded new links, but you have to just redownload all them again, sorry.