Thursday, December 18, 2008

sven libaek & his orchestra - solar flares

Here Goes Some Spacy Jazz From Australian Arranger Sven Libaek. This Guys been Around. With More Than 30 Albums Credited To His Pen. Its Safe To Say He Is A Legend In The Jazz Scene. This Is By Far My Favorite Lp Of His. Some Other Lp's Of His Are More Well Known Due To Sampling, Like MF DOOM, Along With Many Others Have Sampled "Misty Canyon". But This One Has Remained Obscure, Thats How I Like Them.


Highlights - No Flowers On Venus - Destination Omega 3


1. Solar Flares

2. Stella Maris

3. Lift Off

4. Destination Omega 3

5. Conversations With Hal

6. No Flowers On Venus

7. Quasars

8. Meteoric Rain

9. Space Walk

10. Infinite Journey

11. In Nebular Orbit

12. ...And Beyond


aruz. said...

thx for upload!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great blog/uploads. i still highly recommend you change your logo and blogspot slogan as depicted above at the blogspot home. it's pretty cheesy, with all the love brother. again, thanks for the music. big ups. peace

Anonymous said...

Many thanks !

CarbonMonoxide said...

Awesome man. Quite where you find these gems I don't know but I thank you anyway!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Barbara said...

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