Monday, December 8, 2008

Pookah - Pookah (us 1969)

Here Goes Some Trippy Psychedelic Music, From The Usa. One Track Has Been Sampled "Merlins Party", Cant Remember Who Though. Pretty Decent Album. The Lyrics Are Very Deep With Trippy Harmonizing. Then Again Some Songs Are Lighthearted. The Drums Are Very Funky. "Rain On Your Grave" Reminds Me Of The First Legend Of Zelda, Nes, Second Dungeon.

1. Blue And Peaceful
2. In A Field
3. Tomorrow's The Day
4. Things Don't Matter
5. Broken Dream
6. Kickin' A Can
7. Merlin's Party
8. Lady Ostrich
9. Ha! Ha! I Can Fly
10. The Heat
11. Rain On Your Grave

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Sildenafil said...

Just another vintage album form a strange band that nobody knows!