Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i recently have been getting accused of being a downloader and not a real crate digger.
i need to clear up any confusion about this matter or i won't be able to sleep good.
i cant have fools putting me on blast about that type of stuff.


Anonymous said...

haters gona hateeeee!

Severe said...

I Love Your Vinyl Collection.

Anonymous said...

your worse than a downloader youre an UPLOADER...........just admit your a sample snitch (thats rhetorical: 70 samples used by stones throw kinda gives it away)

Leif said...

sample snitch? c'mon man. your critique is some fake-purist bullshit. The world (and our ears) is that much better for having scores of music data at our fingertips and you gotta complain about the discovery process? Really? good music is good music, leave your "purist" hierarchies at whatever the fuck the Pitchfork-of-digging site is

Musk said...

Yeah Sample Snitch, I Can Live With That. Your Just Kicking up dirt cause you thought you were the only one who had records. and your probably trying to sell your records for outrageous prices at the vinyl swapmeets. but now your fucked cause someone else has it and posted it. i've had run ins with your kind before. you might have some records, but no one even knows who you are and you ain't doing nothing with them.
just because someone sampled a record already, doesn't mean they should be hushed up and never spoken of again. people want to know where samples come from, its come with the territory. producers know what they are getting into when they sample and have no right to kick up dirt when people converse and share about it. premier and pete rock are the worst about it. it ain't their music to sample in the first place. they don't own it, and neither does this fartknocker complaining about sample snitching.

svendiamond said...

"just because someone sampled a record already, doesn't mean they should be hushed up and never spoken of again"


Anonymous said...

how in the world can anyone complain about samples taken from someone else's record!!!

when "producers" start producing their Own music from scratch -meaning not borrowing some one else's music- then they can complain about their music being "stolen & spoken about"

Anonymous said...

your a real digger, dont worry the haterade :-)

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