Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cumbia De Julio - New Beat Produced By Musk

Cumbia De Julio by MuskMusic

Here goes a rough draft of a beat i am working on for my next beat tape. just a little preview of what the new beats will sound like. the next beat tape will be mainly latin samples once again.  ive tried to stray away from sampling latin stuff since its all i normally use and wanted to get a different sound, but i cant seem to find enough samples when i dig for soul, funk, afro music or psychedelic stuff, and when i do  make a beat that i like from a soul sample , i always end up finding out that someone already used it. thats why ive tried to dig for different stuff that most would pass up, for example if i find a dope sample on a record that has a lame ass gay cover, chances are that most other producers passed it up and it hasn't been sampled yet. my next beat tape is gonna have beats sampled from 80's cumbias and salsa. i think its something different and hopefully you mofos like it. peep the beat out and keep your eyes open cause i'll be posting some more lps and the beat tape is coming soon

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tweakrunsthis said...

if latin music is your style then so be it! u cant force urself to change styles. i think ya beats are dope man, and when I first found your page years ago, i developed a new found love for latin music. I'm always lookin for new latin music now when I go diggin. I gave up on soul ages ago because its the first thing every producer looks for. stick to your style, and do you. shit sounds fresh!