Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food - Forever Is A Dream

Whats Up Mofos,
Sorry for the hiatus but i got a new computer since my old one fucked up, but my old sound card is not compatible with my new comp, so i am unable to record any new lps. and i have had no constant access to the Internet so i haven't had any chance to update the blog and the youtube page. but i got internet now and hopefully soon ill be back.

For now ill be posting some lps from some of my favorite blogs and others who share similar needs to share some of our rare music with the blog heads.

This lp come from the legendary Redtelephone66. in my opinion he is the king of rare rock music of all the bloggers out there. no one can even keep up with redtelephone66, in his prime he was posting upwards of 10 rare lp's a day, sadly he has been under the scrutiny of the blogger police and cant really do his thing anymore, but those of us who were in the know still appreciate all the hard work he has done and he will never be forgotten. i will be posting some of my favorites that i discovered from his blog. Although he has been getting hassled up the ass by the blog police he stills keeps up his blog, check it out, it will make you pitch a tent when you see how much vinyl he has in his collection


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